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Have you met the Dragons?

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How Rural Rootz became a Dragon Sanctuary

Not far from Wiarton there exists a 100 acre nature reserve called Rural Rootz. Folks from near and far come to experience the gardens, trails, labyrinths, healing environment and friendly hosts Tom & Dee. 

When Dragons graced this planet

In the days when Dragons graced this planet, the Mother of all Dragons gathered her seven children. She warned of dark days ahead when they would need to hide away from the world. She bestowed upon each young one a supply of sacred eggs and made them hide portions of their gifts in each. She sent them to secrete these throughout the world.


A women and man of pure hearts

Her duty done, she settled into the warmth of the south ridge of her homeland to await the return of wonder and belief to the world. Millennia passed in hopeful dreaming.

On a certain day, in the quickening of spring, two sets of footsteps trod upon her land rousing her from her slumber. At last, a woman and a man of pure heart had found her lair! She bid them come and live gently on her land so she could teach them her Wise Ways.

A gentler way

As they grew in understanding and faith, she was well pleased. The time came to make her presence known. She encouraged the Lady of the Land to portray the Spirit of her Young Ones. In the winter of 2016, she inspired the Lady with images of her Younglings and bade her not only paint their images, but create a book of Dragon Lore to guide the people into a new and gentler way of being in the world. 

Special gifts

She shared her secret of the Sacred Eggs. She coached her in the making of Dragon Eyes. She taught her the secrets of Dragon Teeth and Claws. She bade her make them all to aid other in calming their fears, focussing their energies and vitalizing their lives. Within each of these creations she placed the essence of her Young One's strengths as gifts. These worthy vessels she required to be sent out into the world as reminders - of the magic of life, the understanding of kindness, and the wisdom of forgiveness.

The sanctuary

Word soon got out that not only was Rural Rootz now a Dragon Sanctuary, but that Dragons of all types who needed a place to be themselves and not just a curiosity, were welcome!

Some arrived by mail ... a little worse for wear. Some were hand delivered by keepers who were becoming too weary of looking after them. Others appeared magically directed by local Wizards of the Woods. 

Today Rural Rootz Dragon Sanctuary is proud to be host to the Seven original Dragon paintings, Seven original Dragonfly Companion paintings and Seven original Dragon Sun paintings. If you believe in the Magic of the Dragons, you may even be invited into inner sanctum to meet the rescue dragons!!!!

Come meet the dragons for yourself!