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The Language of Trees - Exhibit

Deep Water Gallery
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WIARTON (Ontario)
WIARTON (Ontario)

Deep Water Gallery is proud to present its second exhibition,
The Language of Trees, featuring the work of Christian Bernard Singer and Gary Eden. This exhibition is co-hosted by the Wiarton and District Chamber of Commerce and runs from January 9 to February 16, 2020. Deep Water Gallery is located at 583 Berford Street, unit #3.

The Language of Trees
The Language of Trees

The Language of Trees: We live in a time in which human activity has pushed our planet to the very edges of survival, as we regard nature with a sense of otherness – an entity that exists to be mastered and controlled. Yet, in reality, humans exist as a part of a larger interdependent life force within the natural world.

Christian Bernard Singer carefully selects, arranges and orders forest sheddings (pine needles) to create riotously colourful small constructions that evoke movements caused by larger natural forces. A steward of natural materials, Singer brings respectful attention to the simple pine needle, while adding new poetic metaphors to address our powers of observation as conscious individuals within a larger interconnected whole.

Historical Time Capsules of the Forest
Historical Time Capsules of the Forest

The work of Gary Eden seeks a different sort of stewardship; Eden encases the remnants of trees within patinated copper, creating sculptural relics that seemingly function like historical time capsules of the forest – works which simultaneously become artefacts and monuments of nature. This exhibition has been supported by The Ontario Arts Council, The Municipality of South Bruce Peninsula, and The Wiarton and District Chamber of Commerce.

Deep Water Gallery is a Wiarton and District Chamber of Commerce (WDCC) initiative that offers exhibition and networking opportunities to promote regional artists from Grey and Bruce counties. Deep Water Gallery promotes the arts as a vital component of community well-being; nurturing engagement, shared experiences and understanding through art appreciation.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Jessica Berg, WDCC:
(519) 534-4545

Ann Marie Hadcock, Curator, Deep Water Gallery, Board of Directors, WDCC:
(519) 534-1548

Photo Credit: Christian Bernard Singer