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Wiarton, Ontario
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"Proudly offering local pre-packaged lamb, goat and buffalo including Halal.  We offer a selection of sheep & goat dairy products as well as farm fresh eggs.

Our store also includes a unique boutique selection of local and Canadian made wool products and accessories.  Sheepskins, wool dryer balls, wool socks and so much more."

Adam grew up on a family farm- even as a small baby he was often toted along to the barn. As a teenager, farm chores were his favourite excuse to avoid homework; caring for sheep, cows, horses, crops, and tapping maple syrup. Jessica married into the farming life, beginning to help Adam around the farm when they met 14 years ago and never looking back.

Their sustainable and ecologically-minded approach to farming came naturally. Adam loves talking to people about how the animals are raised, answering questions and showing off the health of his animals. The couple loves the opportunity to provide healthy, sustainable food to friends, family and customers. They also love the great stories and family memories that come from farming together!

When not in the farm store or at the barn they love spending time out on the water with their family. Boating, fishing, swimming and soaking it all in.

Our lamb are pastured when seasonally appropriate, and eat grass and hay from our own farm (no-spray) along with some of our homegrown grain. Everything planted on our farm is from non-GMO seeds with nothing added or sprayed. Growing our own feed is important to us as it allows us to control what goes into our animals and to ensure that our animals aren’t eating pesticides or chemicals. The sheep have access to 300 acres of land, which includes grazing pastures, two creeks, an apple orchard, and treed areas.

Our animal care practices are simple and important- sheep are sheared twice per year, hooves are kept trimmed, feet are kept clean and they are treated humanly. By taking care of our animals, we find they don’t often have health challenges; on the rare occasion of an illness, that individual animal may receive an antibiotic to ensure it is healthy and pain-free. We are conscientious of striking the right balance between natural care and excellent quality of life for our sheep.

Behind the scenes, Jessica and Adam share the duties of the family business. Adam is the primary ‘farmer’, responsible for daily tasks at the farm as well as breeding processes, genetics, and managing the farm ecosystem. His educational background in Ecosystem Management at Sir Sanford Fleming lends itself well to this role, and Adam loves working with the animals. Jessica manages the retail, wholesale, and business side of LAMBlicious. Her B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography from Wilfrid Laurier helps her have a keen interest in and understanding the modern food system, with an eye for sustainable practices. Together they have two children- their son Kolby born in 2010, and daughter Arkelle born in 2015. Now that they have a growing family, both are more dedicated than ever to provide healthy, wholesome, and sustainable food options to the local market.

The LAMBlicious retail store opened in the Spring of 2012 and has grown to include a huge variety of lamb cuts and prepared products, local GMO-free pork, GMO-free pheasant, GMO-free duck, GMO-free goat’s cheese, organic chicken, local fish, GMO-free duck eggs, GMO-free pheasant eggs, and organic vegetables are available seasonally as well as preserves, honey and maple syrup.

658 Berford Street
Wiarton, Ontario

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